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SEMS Support Services

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Most importantly, when weighting investment in storm hardening measures, their costs must be compared to the extreme costs of system damage or total loss at the hands of a storm.- NREL 

     SEMS is proud to offer a wide range of project support and services to asset owners, project developers, and our affiliated partners. SEMS dedication to providing excellent project and customer support is one of the main reasons we started our Affiliate Partner Program. The program is comprised of affiliate partners that have established themselves as industry leaders who are experts in their fields, stable, and consistent.

     Successful solar projects require not only excellent products but also a full complement of services from the conception of the project to the commissioning of the project. SEMS has recognized this unmet need in the Industry and has taken a leadership position by developing our Affiliate Partner Program We have developed relationships through our Affiliate Partner Program to ensure the multiple layers of planning, design, financing, and construction are effectively integrated for overall project success.



Development of a solar project is a challenging and time-consuming task. Every project has its unique challenges. The foundation of a successful solar project is in its development. To meet these challenges, SEMS has created its advisory and consulting service to meet the industry need. Our well-trained staff are here to help from the conception to the construction of your project. Through our Affiliate Partner Program, we have partners willing to assist not only in the development but in the financing and construction of your project.


Every solar project is unique not only in its development but in its construction. One of the most important aspects of your project is the design and engineering. When properly executed you mitigate the risk of cost overruns and costly delays. Through our Affiliate Partner Program, we have formed relationships with structural, civil, electrical, and mechanical Engineers. These professionals are experts in their fields. They will review your projects and provide designs that make your installation streamline and on budget.

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Manufacturer Project Financing

Your project can be financed through a variety of different financing structures. These structures include PPA, capital loan, operating lease, tax lease, and US content financing. Our products have been pre-approved and qualified for these financing options. This shortens the amount of time required to achieve project financing. In certain instances, our products may not be suitable for your project. In this instance please still sign up with our Affiliate Partner Program, and we will see how we can help.


Construction and installation are an important aspect of a solar project and customer demand for installation contracting and execution varies regionally, SEMS has responded to this requirement with our Affiliate Partner Program. Through our partnership program we offer SEMS certified installation services for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects. Our Affiliate Partners have established themselves as knowledgeable, reliable companies and operate within your region. They understand and are trained in the proper installation procedures for SEMS products.

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Our training program covers solar project development, financing, site design using our products, and installation training. Whether it is through our E-Learning followed by on-site training or our factory-based training. Connecting factory expertise with your team ensures project schedules and budgets are kept. This ensures quality is achieved and confidence that our products are professionally installed and commissioned.

Onsite Services

Services include advisory, training, and installation of our products. Whether you are self-performing installation or utilizing Affiliate Partner Program, it is standard operating procedure for us to provide a field service technician with all equipment orders at the time of installation of commercial and utility scale projects. Our field service technicians provide hands-on training at your project site to ensure your crews are completely prepared to install efficiently. We have learned that this service is an important distinction for a successful install.

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Operation and Maintenance

Our experience team can provide your maintainer and operators with the training necessarily to properly maintain, troubleshoot, and to resolve faults should they occur. We will teach them our best practices and operating procedures for maintaining your array. This avoids the need for annual service contracts that can affect the bottom line and bankability of your project. If you are interested in SEMS providing operation and maintenance service, we can provide you with a quote.