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Panoramic of a solar farm at dawn taken

Avans Rac Series

Storm Hardened Fixed-Tilt Solar Racking Solution

"The main takeaway from discussions with site designers, installers, and operators was the importance of designing for resilience and building a system correctly from system inception(rather than retrofitting it after install)-NREL 2020

SEMS Avans Rac Series is a fixed-tilt ground mount storm-hardened solar racking system. That was developed for use in the Residential, Commercial, and Utility-scale solar markets. Avan Rac Series of racking was developed using our patent-pending field-proven technologies. Avan Rac Series is the most robust, cost-effective, and survivable fixed-tilt solar racking system on the market.  It optimizes lifetime value by reducing the risk of critical failures and delivering a bankable Levelized Cost of Energy. 

Engineer for Strength & Resiliency

Through its effective design, Avans Rac Series reduces potential failure points and risks of damage while maintaining reliability, strength, and system performance in real-world conditions.

  • ​Constructed of closed-form  Aluminum and galvanized steel.

  • Reduces the risk of extreme bending and twisting during critical weather events with decoupled racking sections.

  • Prevents hole elongation in load-bearing joints by enhancement with our field-proven, patent-pending shock-bearing technology.

    • Requires no lubrication or maintenance.


  • Mitigates relaxation and self-loosening of fasteners with grade 5 hardware and steel lock nuts. Wedge Lock washers are available upon request.

Flexibility & Optimal Panel Density 

Decoupled sections optimize flexibility and panel density with respect to site layout, construction, and maintenance of even the most irregular shaped sites or non-adjacent lots.

  • More solar modules per row achieved with decoupled racking, and independent rows. ​​

    • Optimized for 1000 and 1500 volt strings.

    • Up to 320 with Avans 8.0 and 160 with Avans 4.0


  • Design permits the construction of any row length up to forty decoupled racking sections.

  • ​Achieves optimal panel density in irregularly shaped sites resulting in optimum ground coverage, energy yield, and performance under real-world conditions with two different models.

    • Avans 4.0

    • Avans 8.0​


  • Piles and poles are designed to work with a variety of foundation techniques.

  • Self-aligning racks allow up to 10° grade along the row axis.


Streamlined Installation

Avans Rac Series features bolted connections using standardized hardware. Only standard tools and equipment are necessary for assembly. The system is easily staged on the job sites and can be assembled in a logical, step-by-step manner in the field by crews of nearly any skill level.

  • Solar panels can be mounted without the use of ladders.

  • Assembly is achieved with bolted connections requiring only basic hand tools.

    • No additional steps to square racking.

    • Field cutting, drilling, or welding are not required for assembly.

  • Self-squaring rack allows for no hassle module installation.

  • Rapid and secure solar module installation with our simple and robust dual clamp design.

    • Twice the resistance to critical wind events over the standard single clamp design;

    • Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers mitigate the effects of severe vibration and dynamic loads caused by wind that loosens module fasters.

Lifetime Quality & Value

  • Exceptional performance through severe wind and inclement weather conditions.

  • Quality and reliability while mitigating risks with a life expectancy of 50 years.

  • Delivers a bankable Levelized Cost of Energy by reducing the risk of damage during severe weather.

  • SEMS design principles and field-proven technologies make our products resilient and cost-effective.

  • Industry-leading warranty of 25 years. Extendable to 30-years.

"While installing a storm hardened PV system will likely come with a cost premium over a baseline system, costs of system components have decreased drastically over the last several years. As a result, O&M (planned and unexpected) shares a higher burden of the lifetime system costs. While this report focuses on upfront cost premiums, hardening measures will reduce outyear expenses for systems in any location, leading to O&M savings and a reduction in lifecycle costs." -NREL 2020

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