About Us

Sustainable Energy Management Systems LLC. (SEMS) is an American manufacturer and solar racking supplier headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In 2014 the company was formed by seasoned technical, logistical and financial experts with over 100-years of combined experience in the renewable energy field with successful history. Since 2014, SEMS has utilized advanced engineering and design principles to develop solar racking solutions that are hardened for reliability and resiliency during extreme weather events. This was achieved by utilizing closed-form 6005A aluminum and galvanized steel. Along with our field proven, patent pending, shock mounting technology with enhanced survivability that can withstand critical weather events with enhance survivability. These proven enhancements offer our customers a lifetime value by reducing risks and long-term operating expense of their solar arrays, while delivering a bankable levelized cost of energy.


Initially, SEMS focus was on residential and light commercial solar racking solutions. Particularly where more flexibility in upfront capital expenses of a project and the project owners’ requirement for a higher standard of quality in their solar racking solutions was a requirement to protect their investment. Reports were published in 2018 by the U.S Department of Energy Federal Energy Management (FEMP) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) about damage and recommendations to prevent damage due to severe weather. Our Engineers realized that our field-proven products and technology addressed those recommendations and began applying our proven technology to develop advanced solar racking and solar tracking solutions for not just the residential, but now also for the commercial and utility scale solar industry.

The requirements we set forth were:


  • Develop a new series of solar racking and trackers, that is a kitted solution for developers, EPC’s and Financiers constructed of closed-form/closed-loop aluminum and galvanized steel.

  • Maintain a reasonable upfront capital expense while continuing to deliver products with enhance dependability and survivability during critical wind events.

  • Have of 30 plus year design life.


We began development of new products using our field proven and patent pending technologies that enhance reliability and survivability and closed-form/closed-loop 6005A aluminum and galvanized steel. The result is the Avans Rac Series, Utilitas Trac Series, and Tilt-Variable Solar Tracking System.

Sustainable Energy Management Systems LLC Mission is to be the leading American manufacturer and supplier of solar racking systems. We achieve this by leveraging sound engineering and design principles. Allowing us to offer the most robust, reliable, and survivable solar racking on the market. Well positioning ourselves as leaders in innovation, by consistently introducing needed improvements driven by the emerging marketplace requirements. In conjunction with supplying our customers with superior solar racking products by offering a 30-year plus life expectancy, backed with an industry leading warranty. We provide unparalleled customer support through support services and Affiliate Partner Program.

Our Mission

Executive Team


Robert is one of the founders and is President of Sustainable Energy Management Systems LLC. He has over 15-years of experience in business development, leadership, operations, logistics, planning and execution. He gained a significant amount of this experience through the U.S Army as an officer. During his service he served as Recruiter, Platoon Leader, Company and Battalion Safety Officer, Liaison Officer to his Battalion Commander, Future Plans and Operation Officer in the Battalion S-3 section and as a Company Commander. He served overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012-2013. He co-founder Sustainable Energy Management System in 2014 with James Loven to develop new solar racking and tracking technology that is cost-effective, while not comprising top tier quality.

Robert J. Loven



James F. Loven


James has over 25-years of experience in product design, manufacturing line design, processes and modernization, and renewable energy technology. James has a BS from Penn State University and currently holds 4 U.S. Patents. James began his career as a Project Manager in the University of Scranton Technology Center. He was involved in the design of manufacturing and processes lines from analysis, development, testing and implementation for Specialty Records, Focal Point Group, Schott Optical and Harper Collins Publishing. Served as the Plant Engineer of Allied Fence and was responsible for moderation of plant capital equipment and processes resulting in Allied becoming the Largest producer of chain link fence in the Northeast.


Thomas White 

Vice President of Sales & Finance

Mr. White is a 30 Year Executive with experience in business management, development, project financing and structuring of Equipment, Energy and Technology Projects. Mr. White’s career began in the energy business building trash to energy facilities for Waste Management RESCO Facilities. He has 25 Years of commercial lending experience with AT&T Capital, Newcourt Financial, CIT, and GE Capital. Current Positions include President of TJW Company which sets up financing and leasing programs for manufactures in the energy and equipment industries. Sustainable Energy Management Systems as VP Sales and Finance. Mr. White joined the executive team of SEMS in late 2016 to focus on Growth in Commercial and Utility Solar and Energy Projects. Mr. White runs and manages SEMS manufacturing financing and leasing programs.


John Hoback

Senior Advisor of Business

Mr. Hoback has over 45 years experience with such companies as DuPont, GE, and Amoco Chemicals. He was actively involved in building business from an idea to over $100 million in revenue with three start-up businesses in the high technology electronics industry. Mr. Hoback has held positions of growing importance start at the research bench where he has over twenty international patents, a shift supervisor in manufacturing, product development leader, sales, financial manager for a division of DuPont, Marketing & Sales Director and General Manager of Amoco Chemicals Electronics Venture. Mr. Hoback attended Gettysburg College for an AB degree, University of Maryland for an MS in Chemistry, and received certificates of completion from University of Pennsylvania's Entrepreneurial Business School.