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Ground mounted solar array

Affiliate Partner Project Finance Programs

Sustainable Energy Management Systems LLC. offers superior products for the construction of solar projects. SEMS products meet or exceed the standards outlined in reports published recently by FEMA, FEMP, Rocky Mountain Institute, and NREL calling for storm-hardening of solar arrays. SEMS products are back by industry-leading long-term warranties that are extendable. This minimizing risk while reducing long-term operating and maintenance costs. Thus, enhances project viability and profitability and increases the ability for project financing.

SEMS has formed a team with 30-plus years of experience in equipment and energy project financing. Our team worked with lenders to develop solar financing options that cover up to 100% of commercial and utility project costs. SEMS products and processes are pre-approved and qualified by lenders. Projects need within 6 months of closing or less. This shortens the amount of time required to achieve funding approval.  If you need a funding structure quote or material quote, our team can provide one that will be valid for up 90 days. These finance programs are available to all our Affiliate Partners.

Applicable Sectors

  • Utilities

  • Energy Asset Management Companies

  • Owner-Operator 

  • Private and Public Companies 

  • Government and Non-Profits

  • Public and private school, colleges, and universities

Solar Project Financing

Loan, Equipment Finance Agreements(EFA) & Capital Leases

  • ​Asset-Based Financing ​

  • 7 to 10-year terms​

  • Recipient receives:​​

    • Income Tax Credit

    • Depreciation

    • State & Local Incentives

Operating Lease Structure

  • ​Off-balance Sheet Financing ​

  • 7 or 10-year terms available​​​

  • Recipient receives:

    • State & Local Incentives​

  • Fund/Lessor receives:

    • Income Tax Credit

    • Depreciation

Application Only Program

  • Up to $250,000.00​

  • 6 to 7-terms.​

  • Private Companies Program​

  • Personal Guarantee with 15% or more ownership stake required.​

  • Completed Credit Application with 3 months of bank statements.

  • 3-5 days for approval in most instances​.

Export Finance Program

  • ​15% down required​

  • 6% Interest Rate​

  • 7 to 15-year terms for commercial projects


  • 10 to 20-year terms for utility-scale


  • 80% of Equipment must be Made in America​


  • ​Fixed Payment: No escalator

Power Purchase Agreements

  • PPA Holder​ Receives:

    • Income Tax Credit​​

    • Depreciation

    • ​State & Local Incentives


  • PPA Rates determine by locations​​​

Solar Project Financing

Our team is here to review and assist in structuring funding options that fit your project. Other options are available from small-ticket applications only up to 200 million in funding. Our goal is to help our Affiliate Partners close and build more projects. Our team is available to review and structure project funding options even in certain instances where our products may not be suitable

Financing Process 



**Note: Some of these steps do run concurrently**

Step 1: Register as Affiliate Partner and complete NDA and non-circumvent agreements. Ultimately SEMS is dedicated to building long-term business relationships built on shared values, superior services, and quality with mutual growth. We are not interested in controlling our Affiliate Partners projects we are here to help get projects funded and to build funding structures that allow projects to be built.

Step 2: Submit for project financing and have a conversion with our Sales and Finance Team.

Step 3:  Submit required project status information package, support documentation, credit application, and financial statements in Affiliate Partner Portal.

Step 4: Sales and Finance Team confirms financing structure with funding source and client.

Step 5: Project Finance package is completed and reviewed.

Step 6: Establish a timeline for approval which will depend on project size, location, and structure. Estimated 5-10 business days after we receive a complete project finance package.

Step 7: Receive Approval: Sales and Finance Team notify Affiliate Partner and Client. The client receives a term sheet or funding documents for execution.

Step 8: Funding source will confirm the project and equipment schedule with Affiliate Partner and equipment manufacturers/distributors. The funding sources will set-up interest-only payments with clients if needed.

Step 9: “The Close” All project finance documents are returned signed and accepted.

Step 10: “Funding” The funding source sets up structure, process, and payment schedule before funding approval. Payment structure, process, and payment schedule depends on the project and company ’s/contact involved.


Payments are usually handled in one of two ways:

  1. Funding Source pays for equipment and refunds any deposits or progress payments.

  2. The client makes project progress payments for equipment until delivery and acceptance of equipment.

Each Project is a little different but our Sales and Finance Team are always here to work on setting up a financing program and process to help our Affiliate Partners close more projects.

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